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Villas for sale

Besides our inclusive selection of villas for rent, Luxury Villas on Crete handles a pool of villas for sale as well, for all of you who either fall in love with the island or wish to make an investment for life. Brief us on your ideal holiday home and we will come up with a list of choices to match your wishes, as well as guide you through all legal and bureaucratic issues, once you make up your mind.

If your newly purchased or brand-new villa serves as a smart investment for you, Luxury Villas on Crete can provide full rental and property management services and you will know for sure that your property is in good hands!

Design and construction of your dream villa

For those of you who wish to create their holiday dream house from scratch, Luxury Villas on Crete can help you out every step of the way, finding the perfect location for you, making the blueprints and interior design mockups and finally building your tailor-made villa, as well as handling all legal and bureaucratic issues. And guess what; you can still be in total control along the way, through video calls and visual materials, so that you get all the pleasure of creating something new, without the fuss of the day-to-day problem solving.